Shoulder pain

What is shoulder pain?

Shoulder pain is very common and it can affect up to 70% of people in their lifetime. It can be very frustrating and worrying, affecting many aspects of daily living such as sleeping, self-care, household activities, work and hobbies.

The good news is that there’s no reason why shoulder pain should stop you leading a normal life. In many cases it can be easily treated by you, at home. This website provides information, advice and resources from Sheffield clinicians to help you do this.

Types of shoulder pain


Frozen shoulder – Click to read more

Stiffness in the shoulder which is highly limiting to daily activities. Associated shoulder pain can be severe, radiate down the arm and significantly disturb sleep.

Frozen shoulder

Rotator cuff – Click to read more

Pain is typically felt in the shoulder &/or outer aspect of the upper arm. It can be a catching-type pain, provoked by movements such as reaching up and bringing your hand behind your back.

Rotator cuff

Shoulder instability – Click to read more

Shoulder instability occurs when the shoulder is pulled out of the joint or moves more than it should. It can lead to apprehension about performing certain tasks, such as lifting your arm overhead.

Shoulder instability

Shoulder Osteoarthritis – Click to read more

Pain and stiffness in the shoulder, typically in people over the age of 45. You may struggle with and hear grinding noises on movements such as reaching up or behind your back.

Shoulder Osteoarthritis
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