Hip or groin pain

What is hip pain?

Hip pain is very common, and we know that it can negatively impact a person’s ability to carry out normal activities such as dressing, sleep, sexual intimacy, physical activity and work. This can, in turn, hugely impact physical and emotional well-being.

The good news is that the underlying cause of hip pain is rarely serious and in most cases, it is very treatable by you, at home. This website provides information, advice and resources from Sheffield clinicians to help you do this.

The hip can be painful from the bony structure deep within the joint or from a number of soft tissues such as muscles, tendons and ligaments. It can be a challenge to accurately diagnose yourself so you may need to go into a few of the options below.  

Generally speaking, stiff, achey, deep pains in people of greater age are often from the joint itself so check the ‘joint pain’ section first if this fits you. 

Younger cases are often linked to the soft tissues.  If you have pain mostly on the outside of the hip start by checking the ‘lateral hip pain’ section. If you feel it more in the groin and it is more related to sports/muscle activity, try the ‘groin’ section. 

Overall, however, the exercises and advice given here are designed to be appropriate whatever the source of your pain.

Types of hip or groin pain

Hip or groin

Groin and young adult hip pain – Click to read more

Pain felt in the groin which may have started spontaneously or relate to a specific injury.

Groin and young adult hip pain
Hip or groin

Hip Osteoarthritis – Click to read more

Pain and stiffness in the groin, buttock and/or thigh, typically in people over the age of 45. You may struggle with and hear grinding noises on movements such as walking, putting socks on and getting

Hip Osteoarthritis
Hip or groin

Lateral hip pain – Click to read more

Pain over the outer aspect of the upper thigh which may be tender when pressed. It may be hard to walk (especially uphills), lie on your side, or stand on one leg to dress.

Lateral hip pain
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