Persistent pain

What is Persistent pain?

The technical definition says persistent pain is pain that has lasted more than 3 months but in reality it is far more than just a timescale. It really means a continued pain experience that has no easy solutions and can have a huge impact on people.  

Persistent pain is always complex.  The pain we feel is modified by so many factors but this gives us the opportunity of trying lots of different things to help manage the situation to the maximum. 

The following sections try to separate out some key themes and topics. There is plenty of overlap, so feel free to explore the different areas of this site over time. 

The pillars of living well with pain


Understanding your pain – Click to read more

Living with persistent pain is confusing. We want to help you to make sense of your pain because without understanding, advice on the best way forward often makes no sense at all.

Understanding your pain

Practical strategies to manage persistent pain – Click to read more

Understanding how to balance your daily activities, how to manage flare ups as well as specific relaxation and mindfulness techniques to reduce the impact of stress and pain.

Practical strategies to manage persistent pain

Mental health – Click to read more

We know that persistent pain can profoundly affect mental health. Learn how to support your own mental health in the face of persistent pain, and find local professional support.

Mental health

Social circle, relationships and work – Click to read more

Pain can disrupt our lives and make us feel alone. Find out how to maintain a healthy social and work life, despite the challenges which come with persistent pain.

Social circle, relationships and work

Healthy lifestyle – Click to read more

Learn how to practice healthy daily habits such as regular movement, healthy nutrition and good sleep, despite pain.

Healthy lifestyle

Medication and treatments for persistent pain – Click to read more

This section delves into the role of medications and local professional support to help you to learn the necessary skills to live well with pain.

Medication and treatments for persistent pain
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