Metabolic bone health

What is metabolic bone health?  

The word metabolic means the chemical processes that take place to give energy or build material. Our bones are not simple pieces of scaffolding but are live structures that need a healthy chemistry to stay strong and well.  The health of our bones can be affected by a range of things.

Metabolic units provide expert assessment, advice and treatment for a range of issues that can affect your bone strength (such as osteoporosis) and other metabolic conditions such as Paget’s disease.  

They have a range of clinicians such as nurses, pharmacists and consultants.  

This site is not for people seeking a diagnosis.  If you feel you have the issues listed below then please contact your GP practice to explore your concerns. 

If you have been given a clear diagnosis from the list below, then you are in the right place. We hope the following sections provide you with more information and guidance.  This should go alongside expert clinical input from your GP or the local metabolic bone unit.

Types of meatabolic bone health

Bone health

Hypoparathyroidism – Click to read more

Bone health

Low Vitamin D – Click to read more

Low Vitamin D
Bone health

Osteogenesis Imperfecta – Click to read more

Osteogenesis Imperfecta
Bone health

Osteomalacia – Click to read more

Bone health

Osteoporosis – Click to read more

Bone health

Paget’s disease of the bone – Click to read more

Paget’s disease of the bone
Bone health

Primary Hyperparathyroidism – Click to read more

Primary Hyperparathyroidism
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